09 March 2005

Test....... Zzz....

As what I expected, BM is a tricky one. I manage to figure out 1/3 the peribahasa, and there's still afew questions I dont understand at all!! ~___~

2nd paper Chem wasnt a difficult one, except it's calculation of a drop of oil. I cant really remember to formula and how the formula works, so...... dunno how was that part going to be. :S

P.Moral paper.... sigh...... ass' job to miss this paper. It's quite easy IMO, but dunno how's with the teacher's answer. I noticed many classmates sleep 'coz Moral was an easy paper and can complete it less than 30 mins. So, I rest awhile just like the others.

My pressure on Sej paper pays off. I've memorized the Hammurabi's Code of Law fact, and eventually the exam cames out this question. I was grinning when I saw this question. 10 marks for the essay part is in my hand now, MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Funnily, I planned to go back earlier today after I had my lunch... but I just cant resist stay back to play afew matches of ping pong with my friend. And moreover, Ing's staying back too. But now I do felt it's very dumb for me to stay back without really talk to her. :
Tomorrow I'm having Eng, EST, AddMath and BC. Gonna read BC and AddMath..... Eng I dont plan to study it 'coz.... think I can cop it without any prob. ;)

Listening: Tuan Yuan - Wu Qi Xian.

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