09 March 2005

Champion's League - The end of the Theatre of Dreams

Man Utd lost 1-0 to AC Milan.

Darn!! Hernan Crespo scored the only goal in the game, and he did that afew weeks ago too, back in Old Trafford. Ystrdy's match in San Siro was a great match, but too bad Man Utd lack of goal-scoring chances. :(
Nice header by Crespo btw.

Another match, the battle of 2 giants, Chelsea VS Barcelona was a great match too. Chelsea won 4-2 in the end, lots of cool goals, and yes 2 goals from Ronaldinho still cant change the fate of Barcelona, being kicked outta the Champions League. :(

Sad Fergie

Giggs missed a chance.

Crespo celebrates after he scores.

Today there'll be....

Real Madrid VS Juventus
Liverpool VS Bayer Lervekusen
Arsenal VS Bayern Munich.


Listening: Kakumei - DanceDanceRevoluion.

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