02 March 2005

Party plan.

As I mentioned earlier in last post, some of my friends cant attend the party during afternoon. Now, I came up with a plan to celebrate with them during evening.

I can celebrate with those who can attend the party @ afternoon, and I'll also had a party @ evening too, for those who cant attend during afternoon.

The time for the afternoon party I think I'll set at 1.30pm, at Genting Klang Pizza Hut.
While for the evening party I'll make it in the PizzaHut near Carrefour. Since it's near to my house. :D

Here's a rough list those ppl I wanted to invite for the evening party.

  • Ken Jon

  • Sun Hua

  • Chin Wei

  • Joseph

  • Shyan Jian

  • Yee Juan

  • Wai Ing

  • Mei Gie

  • Maybe I'll bring them to my house after the party. That day is Sunday, I wonders wheter my father can fetch them back or not. :Well hopefully my father can help me this time. :D

    I hope tomorrow I'll have some positive respones from my friends. (>__<)

    Listening: Olympic Dreams - Maksim.

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