03 March 2005

Great day!!

It starts with not a pleasent night. Ystrdy night I'm having some prob when I'm trying to sleep. I still cant sleep at 12.30am, and I woke up awhile at 1.30am. I hate to wake up during mid-night esp if the next day is a school day.

Today is the 2nd day of sports day. We only have 1 activity today, so we do it without rush. :D

While I was waiting the sports commitee members to setup the ground for long-jumping, I sneak into SU room to peek who's inside. There's a few girls inside, and they're having a party inside there.
The party included Hue Jiun, Hui Fong, Fei Wen and Hui Chi. Somehow Ing and Mei Gie are wise enough to decline the group. They're craze one.... esp Hui Jiun & Fei Wen... those 2 "couples". (@__@")
We joke alot in there, and poor HAM always become the victim for the girls to bully. If I was him, I wont be enjoying being played by girls like that. :(

After the sports activity is over, our class is back in class for 2 periods of Physic. This time the teacher bring us real sample of "angkup Vernier" and "tolok skru mikrometer". It was fun, I manage to calculate the diameter of my hair by using one of those objects.
Later we assemble at the hall for Eng ellocution contest. Although it's boring, but it's kinda interesting to saw students cheering for their friends on the stage. :)

I had lunch with CW, and later we went to ping pong room for a match. It's fun to play with CW, and sooner later Sun Hua join in the match. Sun Hua play better than CW, but then overall I manage to defeat him. ;)

Today I had Physic and AddMath tuition. Usually I'll felt asleep during the class, but suprisingly I'm awake all the time eventhough ystrdy I didnt had a good sleep. :D

Listening: I Dont Wanna Miss A Thing - Aerosmith.

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