14 March 2005

The party of the night.

As what I promised, I'll blog this wonderful day. :D

I woke up at 9.30am. Planned goto Carrefour to shop things for today.

I had a wonderful lunch, and then I'm back home to setup the party.

Around 5pm+, first guest, Jun How arrives. Soon, I recieved call from my friend, Yi Thong. She's asking me to fetch her and some other friends to my house at Desa Setapak.

I end up meeting with some guys, including Kim Hui, Kenyi, Yao Hern...etc. TW was there but he didnt goto my party 'coz he's just going there buy something then go back home. Haihz.... :(

When I was on the road returning home, I stop by to get Karen, Pei Yin and Hui Fen. They're just very close to where I live, so I bring them back to my house by walk.

Some of my friends are there alrdy... sorry I'm unable to list all of them out b'coz too many ppl alrdy. :S

Soon later around 6.20pm, I went out with my father to collect the pizza I've ordered earlier today. RM60 for 4 LARGE pizzas. Thx my aunt for the free pizza coupon. :D

When I'm back home, I noticed there're more ppl in my house alrdy. Chia May and Shyn Jn came. I settle down the pizza, and then I notice around. Many more ppl had arrived. Ing, MeiGie, HAM, Fong...etc. That time Kenyi and his gang Yao Hern, Kim Hui and Yee Juan just reach there.

After everything is settle down, we eat and talk awhile. I'm sorry for those I didnt serve very well, esp Sam. (^__^")

The boys are attracted to the computer, mainly is because I open up O2 Jam videos for those O2 Jam fans to watch. Almost all of them are there in the tiny computer corner. :S

Well I do recieved alot of nice gifts. Thanks alot my friends!! About gifts I'll talk about it later. :P

So....... we had pizzas, fried rice, fried sausages, fried mees and some juice punch for the party. It's pretty much, and we dont really eat that much after all. :
Friends are enjoying it, well for those who knew many ppl there. Some of them felt abit bored.... well I've to apologize for this. (^__^")

Some of them are relaxing at the playground behind my house. Kenyi enjoyed his time very well. :D Congratz!

Forgive me... but I'm very sleepy currently. Have to end this blog faster... :(

Some pics....

The cake
Birthday Cake

Group photo
CLF birthday party group photo.

  • See who's smart enough to sneak out a hidden pic. :P

    Some ppl are staring to going back around 10pm. I'd waited all of them goes home, then only fetch Jian Shern, Pei Yin, Chee Ming and Jin Xiang go home.

    Next blog post will be followed by gifts. ;)
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