14 March 2005

Gifts..... hehehe.....

All of the gifts I recieved.

Thanks everybody!! :D

A list of ppl I acknowledge have given my gifts.

  • Sam: Ship in bottle.
    Hey thx!! I really like that kind of art. It's a hard work and I highly respect such artworks.

  • Jun How: Note book + photo album.
    Thanks!! I'll make full use of these things in the future. :D

  • Chin Wei: G2 refills and note books.
    I apprecieate this one. At least I found this is somethinf useful. XD

  • Pei Yin and her gang: 1 cap, 2 t-shirts.
    First time got ppl give me cloths as gift.... haha. Thx anyway, although I dont like the pink one. (^__^")

  • Kok Yi, Yee Kai, Tuan Kee, Chee Ming, Kian Meng, Shun Cheng, Aun Chee, Gerard and Hilmi: Adidas Starfinder football + hair gel.
    Hahaha.... thx alot guys!! I really love this gift. XD
    Heh, they do know I need something for me to improve my hair style lol!! :D

  • Yong Fei, Yee Juan, Kim Hui, Toh Wai, Yao Hern and Hui Chi: Mercedez SL 500 car model.
    I swear I'll take u guys on a ride if I own that car in the future. :D
    Thx again!!

  • Ing and HAM: Cute keychain.
    I might need this key chain in the future. Who knows, maybe I'm in charge of holding key of some societies soon? :P Thx!!

  • For the rest of gifts, thanks to you all. I'm sorry but I cant remember who gave me those gifts, but then I aprreciate it. Thanks!!
    Those gifts are:
  • Football teddy "piggy bank".
  • Gorgeous ball pen.
  • Wrist band

  • Gift

    Once again....


    Listening: Red Sign - O2 Jam.