05 March 2005

My birthday wishlist.

Like others, I do have a wishlist for my birthday too. So here it is.....

  • "The Essential Maksim" DVD.
    Although it release yet, but I'm really looking foward for this DVD to be out in the end of this month. I've save money just to get this DVD. Hopefully it doesnt cost too much. >___<

  • Adidas Predator Pulse II.
    I'd make this choice months ago. I need this to replace my torn boots. The price can be RM 179, or RM 250, depends on the standard of the boots. I dunno wheter I should get this by now, 'coz the new color blue is going to release in May. Currently I have afew varieties of colors for me to choose.

    Predator Pulse.

    Predator Pulse, Euro 2004 edition.

    Predator Pulse, Devilish Red.

    Predator Pulse II, Gunmetal.

    Sigh.... dunno which color for me to choose. I havent get my chance to look at the blue color Predator Pulse II yet. :\

  • Adidas F50+ football boots.
    Well I'll try to get this 'coz I know it cost a littie cheaper than Predator Pulse series. This is another series of football boots released by Adidas not long ago, and it's highly rated by professional and also advance players. But I reserve this as 2nd choice if I cant get Predator Pulse.

    Adidas F50+.

  • A new handphone.
    Seriously, I think I really need to replace some new phones with my current hp. I'm favoring Nokia and Sony Eriksson. And I do prefer color screen. I dont mind wheter it has cam feature or mp3 player feature. As long as it's a cool color screen, and the price wont be more than RM 500. :D

  • Movie DVDs/VCDs.
    I'm currently looking for "The Mask of Zorro", "The Phantom Of The Opera" DVD/VCD. I dont want pirated copy 'coz these movies IMO are worth to get in original. ;)

  • New computer mother board + graphic card.
    After I reformatted my com on Jan, my mother board become unstable, and my graphic card is not compatible anymore with the motherboard. That forced me to use the com without any graphic card, and the system's time is getting crazier.
    Upgrade both mother board and graphic card I think will cost at least RM 300.... -___-"

  • A new football.
    Add one more football into my collection arent that bad either. But somehow I do collect branded football...... perhaps I'm abit fussy with this but in the point of view of football, I do recognize brands like Adidas, Nike.... etc. I'm favoring Adidas and Nike. So any football from those brands I'd sure love it so much. ;)

  • That's all I can think for now..... hehe.


    1. you ar...don't know how to say you...not expensive you don't want wo...who will present those thing to you o...except they share /rich lar..
      erm..i think i will go and buy your little present after exam..cause i'm quite busy recently..no time go out wet/shopping..

    2. I do agree is expensive.

      Well I dont expect these as my present, UNLESS I won lucky draw or 4D. :D

      And I'll be gladly to take anything as my present. ;)