06 March 2005

The crazy night.

Been chatting with afew school friends since just now.

  • Hui Chi sent me 2 vidz. One of them causes my mother mis-understood.... DAMN!!!
    Chatting with her is making me totally CRAZY!!! (@__@")

  • Cousin been asking me about Spyware/Adware thingy.... I could only suggest use Spybot S&D + Ad-Aware to clear it off.

  • Comments from KY about SU elections.
    I was amused by KY's msg..... mostly he msg me complaining his f*ing annoying keyboard that cost him O2 Jam game. Kinda funny to see how he reacts... lol.

  • Ic3's chat about his life.
    Pity him..... having lots of prob with his relationship with a girl. :
  • YT and Chia May, about my party. Both of them give the same answer..... if Karen goes, they'll follow. Hmm.... Karen seems to have some "power". No wonder K likes her lar.... :D

  • Argue about EE's action with TW. He is, still as normal, being bossy-type. Like wanna know what happend to his friends.
    I think soon I'll had another major dispute with TW again..... the sooner the later.

    Just as I managing my files in Ripway, I notice a deadly msg I recieved last year.
    It was a shocking msg for me..... and I refer is as "Haunted Msg for CLF".
    I quoted the most memorable words I recieved. And that's all. The original msg history is gone for good after I reformat my com.
    Some of my close friends knew it, but for now let it be the past of the history.....
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    1. hui chi jor mi?she so good ar...what video?i want see^^

      Comments from KY about SU elections:
      what mean?got about SU de meh?

      sure lar..he siao liao lor..demi a little girl girl..

      same..i also don't want go liao..if <3 girl girl go..

      what you want to argue with me?