04 March 2005

"Mariage D'amour" by Richard Clayderman

Tonight I played piano awhile, and I played this romantic and relaxing piece by Richard Clayderman.

I still remember, the first time I heard this song was not a good news for the world. The day were 1997, 31th August. My sister started to practise this song requested by her piano teacher. That time, there was a shocking news happend in Paris and England.

It was the accident that took away Princess Diana's life. Although I'm still small at that time, but I somehow remembers my sis plays the song "Mariage D'amour" while my parents turned on the TV to catch the latest news about the inciddent.

So when I listen to the song "Mariage D'amour", it lets me think back to year 1997, when Princess Diana passed away by the shocking accident.

Click here to listen to the song.
"Mariage D'amour" - Richard Clayderman.

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