05 March 2005

Fun at school.

As I mentioned earlier, I'm having an extra Geo class today.
I arrived there very early, and luckily I spared my digi cam for me to kill some time while waiting for the arrival of Ms Lee.

Today she gave us her contacts, including her hp number and as well as her e-mail.
Her e-mail is funny because Ms Lee uses "The Sting" as her e-mail ID LOL!!

We'd a great class though. She was totally different than she was back in last year. I enjoyed her class thru out the whole period.

After the class I had a light meal with Jun How outside, and then I went back to school to play ping pong with my friends.

The school band is still training when I'm going off. So I cant give my invitations to my friends. :(

Pics I've taken in school.
Mirror effect. School - Morning sun

Listening: Red Sign - O2 Jam.

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