08 March 2005

First test in this year.

Tomorrow........ hmm.... I'm having BM, Sej, Moral and Chem test.

For me, Chem shouldnt be a tough prob. As for BM and Moral I might be ok if I study again.
What I concern is Sej. Mr Chandran is setting a deadline for us in this test.

Above 15, u're in HEAVEN Below 15, u're in HELL.
(Btw our max mark is 20%)

That's what he said. :S
I'd a lot of pressure on that. Haihz.... hopefully I could cop it without any prob.

Please wish me luck in my coming test.... TQTQ. :D

* It seems many are going to my upcoming party this Sunday. XD

Listening: Electro Fantasy - BeautifulDay, O2 Jam.

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