12 March 2005


Recently there's a major dispute between 2 friends of mine, CW and TW. Both of them are arguing the responsibality for causing their other friends' reputation in school.

TW claims that CW is teaching KE poor English, and accused CW for getting WH into ping pong games during exam period and causes WH doesnt have time to study.
TW blames everything on CW, and thinks himself as a "Godfather"?!? Haha.... LAME!!

As for CW's side, he's protesting TW's "complain letter" in a rough way. It's nice to spit out whatever is in ur mind to deny some false claims on urself. I help CW abit for this 'coz there've been something in my mind which I'll like to speak it out since long time ago.

For TW, stop ur nonsense ok? I told you before, dont think urself is the boss just because u're born in January, just few months earlier than most of us. Dont address others as "di di" or "mei mei". That is making me sick and I'm pissed with that. You can do this once u've ur own offsprings.

I'm supporting CW, 'coz he's just like me, we're better than you. Fact.
You know it's hard for you to compete with us. So stop your ranting and trolling around. Dont you know that WH, DX and KE are pissed with you? They dont express it out b'coz it's not a good thing to do. Dont think others is having peace with you just b'coz others didnt show their feelings out.

For now I highly doubt what's really going on with your psychology thinking path. You keeps thinking ways beyond others. You proclaims urself as a "godfather-like" figure among us. In the end you're just a retarted Du/\/\|3455.


  1. now there is no more reationship between me and that people..please cancel his name or my name in this post..i would dislike our name in the same topic..thank you..or else if you don't want cancel also can..just change TW into TM..it is same meaning..but i'm very sure that you wont change anything else in your post..but nevermind..just say suang..

    ok..now i don't want to care anybody..WH is just my friend..i can don't care about him..DX i sure care but KE i can't stop care him. okie?

  2. Hey, stop fighting, Clf u can't say TW like that even it is fact..

  3. cool~~~
    kenyi... you so geng...
    even it is fact ^^

  4. ...........

    I might be proven wrong this time.

    But then..... Kenyi I dont think you'll understand how you're pissed off sometimes...