12 March 2005

Amazing.... this blog is been accessed worldwide!!!

Locations of visitors to this page

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(Auto-update daily since 23-DEC-04)

This map shows that what country's IP is been accessing this blog.
I registered this blog at HitMaps back in last year December.

Amazingly, there's ppl as far as New Zealand, Qatar, Canada, Norway, Portugal, Egypt, Philipine, Hong Kong, Korea, Indonesia, US, UK, Turkey and some other unnamed coutries.

No access from China. One main fact is b'coz China's authorities blocked many internation sites, including Blogger and of course the rest of Blogger/BlogSpot blogs. Good for me, my sis wont be able to view my blog other than they went to somewhere without the China net's restriction and check my blog.

I was scratching my head for 1 more thing.... how come local(Malaysian) visitors from East Malaysia(Sabah and S'wak) visits more than West Malaysia(Peninsular of Malaysia) does? I dont really have friends in Sabah and Sarawak, and I live in West Malaysia.

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