03 March 2005

Blog from TW.

Home Of Vincent Lam: Not SPBT president anymore...

I read the blog of TW. It seems he's not doing very well with his societies recently. And yea he mentioned SU (Students Union)/PP (Persatuan Pelajar) president thingy.

The nomination and election date are still yet to be confirm, but I'm aware I better prepare this earlier.

Today I asked the pengerusi Eugene about the election process. We are able to nominate 3 position only, that is Pengerusi(leader), Treasurer and Seceraty.

During the voting process students are allowed to vote 3 ppl for the Pengerusi post, while they're only allowed to vote 2 votes for other positions.

So far for now, I know afew friends of mine who're interested for participating in the election, and those ppl are among my close friends in SU.

  • Ling Fan
  • Kian Meng
  • Sun Hua
  • Yong Shiung
  • Toh Wai

  • Myself was one of them too, in the competitor list for the president seat. XD

    As for other ppl, esp girls I've no idea. But I'd like to get some info about it. :D


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    2. sorry..paisei...just now post wrong place...
      i want post de is...
      haha..sure i know a lot of information in p.p...
      else boy or girl..
      but girl not so clear lar..
      boy de...among clear liao lor..
      wah kakaka