03 March 2005

B'day party plan...... almost final.

Thx from suggestions from my family, and my friends, now I've finally decided to choose the location for my party.

As some of my friends suggested, my house is the best place for me to held a party.
My parents allow me to have a party at my own house, and they agrees to help me on that day.

I decided to choose Domino's Pizza instead of Pizza Hut which I've chosen earlier. It's b'coz I got discount coupon for the pizza thx to my aunt.

Now I roughly counted the total and the budget is about RM 100. I might reduce the budget if the number of ppl attend my party is less than I expect.

I'm making on my own invitation card right now. It's just a simple one, but it's compact.

Here's the final work:


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