24 February 2005

Thursday..... EXCITING!!!

Amazingly, I dont have any h'works today!! XD

The day starts off with my Malay teacher absent, and been replaced by another teacher for 2 free periods. Later then I had my recess.

In Students Union room I noticed I was selected to join in the AJKs to interview newcomers of SU. I was abit dissapointed when I didnt been placed in Ing's group. I was team up with HuiChi, and CW's with Ing. I didnt really sound out my protest.... but I think HAM's helping me. XD
In the end HAM swtiched me into Ing's group, and CW in HuiChi's group. :D TQ HAM!!!

Today I had 2 experiments to do, Physic and Bio. First we start of with Phyz. First time do Phyz experiment, quite exciting, esp saw fellow classmates fool and joking around.

Later Phyz class followed by Bio class. Today we're doing experiment how does osmosis process effects the egg. We used a kind of bird's eggs, which is edible. We dump in the eggs into HCl(Hydrochloric Acid) and watches the acid does the chemical reaction with the egg's shell(Carbonat Calcium). Amazingly, the shell is peel off and left the egg's membran and it's inner yolk. The "bubble" looks..... SUX..... I'm terrified by those bubbbles. But then I'm still amazed how the shell peel off by just dump in the eggs into HCl..... O__O

While I'm having my lunch, Ing told me that she'll be practising for the band tomorrow, so she cant be with me in the interview thing. Oh well, let it be... I dont wanna interrupt her practise or she'll be scolded by the band teacher, LOP....

Listening: Not So Far Away - Ragnarok Online.

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