26 February 2005

Friday, the day of tention.

Today I was originally in charge in the interview section for new Students Union members, but there's some technical prob with the duty list, so HAM decided to make a new one.
In the end wasnt in the interview groups. Instead, I was in charge for setting up the waiting room. Well I accept the job without any grudge. But before that the leader of SU are furious about us during the recess time meeting.....
He says currently school's clubs and society's reputation are dropping, and most of them arent as good as they are back in few years ago.
He admits that his team of AJKs arent working in the way they suppose to do, and he hopes all of us will be better. Oh well, Eugene seldom speas so serious. :
Sigh.... tomorrow we still need to goto school b'coz of the replacement holiday we had weeks ago. Oh well.... :
Listening: Recollection - O2 Jam.

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