27 February 2005


This post I've to type in Chinese 'coz I've no idea how to type it out with English. (^__^")






Here's a rough translation from BabelFish.

Last year, 2,004, I found an interesting prediction. Now, finally realized.

In 2005 at the beginning of, Roman pope Paulo two th died.

Recently, emperor Paulo two th were hospitalized because of the health problem. I'm afraid he can live too long from now.

In July, 2005 from to October, will have some to have the significant influence event to the Near East situation, including former Iraq president Saddam facing death trial. Abbas most will have the possibility to win and so on in the Palestinian election.

It's true, Abbas has indeed won this election, but compared the prediction, it has been half year earlier. Israel also agrees to negotiate with Pakistan. As for the execution of Saddam, we did not know by now.

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