07 February 2005

Family Dinner.

This evening I went out dinner with my family, including both my sis which came back from China weeks ago.

We've chose a restraunt quite near to our area, which is requested by my sis. We ordered afew spicy dishes, eventhough the weather is quite hot recently. I'm sweating while eating, and I sweat more than anyone on the table. Well another factor is I'm listening to my MP3 player, which is packed full with fast techno songs.... making my mind think of fast... and sweat faster and more than anyone else.... lol........ Crap. :P
I do notice something interesting there. We ordered Chinese dishes cooked in spice + hot, while the Indian family on the next table ordered traditional chinese dishes. It's the exchange of food culture, and it's one of the unique thing in M'sia. Heh.... I love this country very much!!! :D (My grammer or word-building might be "weird"... 'coz I'm not very good "playing" with the words, so hope you all can understand it. ^__^")

We shopped some goodies in local department store, Jusco. We're planning to pay visit to my family's ex-neighbour, so we should bring some gift as respect, since it's quite near CNY alrdy.

After the visiting, we went to Carrefour fo shop for somemore items. Carrefour is quite smart, it's having a mid-night sale, 'coz some ppl likes to buy things in last minute, and late at night. Inside arent crowded as I expect few hours ago, but then there's still ppl inside the huge store.
I requested to buy OST of the movie "The Phantom Of The Opera", which cost RM41.90. But was rejected by both my sis and parents. So... I'll havet to leave it... :(

Sigh.... I still have AddMath h'work havent finish.... arghh!!!!!!!!!!! >____<

Listening: Kolibre - Maksim.

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