07 February 2005

Decision making.....

Now I'm thinking what should I buy with my ang pow money....

Here's my current plan:

Maksim's new DVD, will be release in late March.
The Phantom Of The Opera VCD .
Save it for future use.

Now I've got 2 more choices.... 1 is a new handphone and 1 is a new football boots.

I currently uses a Nokia 3315..... which is a decent h'phone. Now I want a better one, 'coz 3315 was quite out-dated alrdy. I want at least a Nokia 2100 or a color screen, if my parents granted me for it. Sony Eriksson also not bad.... provided I have enough money to get it.

As for football boots.... I've a few pairs of it alrdy..... 2 pairs of boots are torn and damaged when I'm playing in local field. I've 2 more boots... but both are Turf Ground boots, and arent suitable for playing in grassfield. I only wear those 2 shoes for outgoing or some other occasions. I demand a better boots, either from Adidas or Nike... but personally I prefer Adidas.... but still it depends on the price.

If I compare both items, I'll say h'phone is much more expensive... b'coz I can get a decent football boots less than RM200, while a good h'phone usually cost more than RM300. <__<

I'd like to have other's suggestions, so please leave a comment here if you think you've better suggestions.

Listening: Kimi wo Nosete - Laputa Theme.

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