17 January 2005

Yet another busy day .......

Today the assembly starts with Chinese lion dance performance, for the official start of Chinese week. The whole opening ceremony took about 50 mins time...... but what we all are happy about is the announcement made by our principal Mr Chu.

20 & 21 Jan.
Due to Malay's Hari Raya Haji.... their religion holiday something like that.

7 & 8 Feb.
Chinese New Year holiday..... stupiud MoE(Ministry of Education) didnt set 1 week of holiday, different from years before. So our school applied for a "cuti ganti balik", which means we'll replace one more day in school during Saturday.....

Today in the class, everything was fine.... caught up afew AddMath Q's..... kinda confusing 'coz it's @___@ for newbies like me. I hardly can stand TW's chidish and sissy-man attitude.... molest girls and boys...... -_____-"
I was thinking taking my file and throw it towards him...... told him to change that lame attitude since last year. Sigh..... as for me I dont have the rights to change a person' personality..... but I do hope he can realize it and change it. :
MotM: Croatian Rhapsody - Maksim.

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