16 January 2005

Farewell.... my friends

Yesterday KenJon's having a farewell party nearby my school.... but I didnt go due some reasons. He's moving to SM Tmn Melawati on Monday.

Daniel are also moving too..... from SM ChongHwa to Methodist Boys School, Sentul.

Gerard had been moved since last year Dec..... to somewhere in Damansara..... quite far away from here. :His C&C: Renegade CD are still with me right now. :P

Sometimes, in our live we'll need to bit farewell for those buddies that always stay together, joking, playing, studying.....etc. Luckily I'm not very sad about it, 'coz I still can contact them with handphone or MSN. :D

Motm: Millenium Dance - Mehdi.

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