18 January 2005

Hot + mosquitoes.

Dont you people out there feel it's getting hotter and more mosquitoes nowdays in M'sia? I noticed mosquitoes had become more active recently. Whenever I wake up from my sleep, either my leg or hand will have little "bubbles", which is the mark of the "kiss" of mosquito. :
Hot..... it usually becomes hotter than usual when it drives nearer to CNY. Eventhough M'sia is under tropica climate, but it is abit too hot for us, abnormal. I've bought ice-creams to cool down myself whenever the ice-cream hawker pass by my house. Few RMs per cool down, worth it or not? Up to you....

My lips are ripped off..... I dunno wheter it is caused by my braces or the hot weather. I cant smile or laugh strongly.... else my lips will be torn.... blood will came out.... just like what happend last year. :(

MotM: Serenade - Jim Brickman.

1 comment:

  1. braces dun cause lip to bleed , u didn't drink enuf water oni mah