18 January 2005

CNY gifts.

Gift 1

Gift 2

My father just came back from his office with these 2 giftbox. CNY is driving closer and closer~~ yet.... local chinese havent came out with usual CNY shopping spree. The atmostphere of the preparation of CNY is getting thicker and thicker nowdays.... not like when I was a little kid.... 1 month before CNY everyone is crazy about CNY prepaprations..... haha....

CNY.... need to clean up the house once again. It's good, but I do not feel like to do it. I prefer sitting infront of com more than doing other things in my house. :P

2nd sis is coming back this Sunday, but she'll miss a dinner with Uncle Lam..... Oh well, she might still have chances to meet with them some other times. :)

I guess my father will bring back more gifts or hampers from day to day..... it's coming closer..... eheheh..... :D

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