25 December 2004

.......... the unhappy X'mas

So...... my main com was down for that stupid error.... now it's like almost the end of the day for me.... :(

I'm currently using another com in my house, which is not very stable, lags alot thx to those adwares/spywares..... I might consider reformat this com once the main com is back to normal.

After I had my lunch with my parents, I started to read those books I bought in China weeks ago. I cant use the com 'coz my father's using it to do his works. I left my MSN on...... but then the whole day only read my book and listen to my mp3 player. I've manage to finish 1 book. Later then I watch tv.... tons of X'mas programs.... I watch a series of Fear Factor, and a documentary about emergency machines used in US. My life was like soul-less without com, especially my main com.... (T____T)

I've no mood to play football with my mates even the weather are fine. On my MSN list not much ppl online.... those friends of mine dunno head to which part of the world to celebrate X'mas.... :(

Sigh.... what a boring day it is, though it havent ends. :
Now I'm sitting on a sofa, continue reading + listen to the music, and chatting with a person from Kor.

Music of the momment: Boyzone - Picture Of You(Theme of Mr Bean).

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  1. did you get your comp fixed yet?