27 December 2004

Blogs I've visited so far.....

I've been motivated by my senior, the creator of ChongHwa.blogspot.com, so I started to start of the blog this holiday, one of the method to kill time for me.

Today my sis gave me a link of another guy's blog, which is also amazing.


That blogger is a Sarawakian chinese(Sarawak is one of the state in M'sia, located in Borneo, east of M'sia.). His blog are mainly about food, so far I've seen.... It's a good blog to discover wonderful food in Sarawak, 'coz most of us are living in the west Msia(Penisular of M'sia).

Anyway that's for now, I'll try to blog some other interesting stuff next time.

P/S: If you're free, you can check out my sis' blog....


It's not been updated for almost a year 'coz China gov forbidden the access to blog services such as this Blogger and other blogs.

Music of the Momment: Croatian Rhapsody - Maksim Mrvica.(My fav!! :D)

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