17 December 2004

Reviews of football

So far, I've tried afew footballs during my days of playing football.
I owned an Adidas Fevernova Glider MS, and a Nike Total 90 Aerow.

My comments is.....

Adidas balls might be easier to play with, but when speeding, it might be slower than Nike's ball.

I've tried both Fevernova(matchball for WorldCup 2002 in Kor/Jpn) and Roteiro(matchball of EURO 2004 in Portgl). Both are high quality balls, and Roteiro are better than Fevernova by chance. Roteiro might be harder than Fevernova, but it's control is very good, even better than Fevernova, 'coz Fevernova sometimes bounce too much.

Nike's ball reacts faster than Adidas' ball. I call Nike's ball nightmare of keepers.... 'coz the ball moves so fast 'til the keeper havent prepare for it. But anyway, this ball is not so easy to control if compare to Adidas' ball.

So far I've only tried Nike Total 90 Aerow, so the Nike review was based on that ball.

Nike Total 90 Aerow

Adidas Fevernova

Adidas Roteiro

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