15 December 2004


So many things to say............... dunno what to post here actually.
I'll post some of my own comments here...... quite a long post though.... I write these on my notebook on the way go and back from BeiJing.......
(Note: BJ = BeiJing, KL = Kuala Lumpur.)

On the way to BeiJing, I barely able to see afew cities below there, but I dunno what city is it.

BeiJing Int. Airport is not as good as our KLIA.... :But I think the airport can improve soon.....

Sometimes, I wonders wheter I'm in BeiJing or somewhere else. I'm unfamiliar with those places, and the ppl. It's totally different from KL.

Lots of joy along the trip, all of us are having a great time. Heh, BJ arent that bad after all.... compare to my thought when I arrive. Although there's some facts that I dont like, but I believe BJ can improve very fast. By the year 2008, BJ will be totally different..... b'coz of Olympic Games 2008 in BJ.

Peoples I met during the trip.

Our tour guide, Yuan YiJia, but we call her JiaJia, is a local chinese. She's been doing a great job. Her singing and story-telling are very interesting. She can joke, and she take care anything about the whole trip very well. Sometimes she help others to bargain prices too. ^__^

Uncle Lam, for heaven's sake this uncle can joke untill you laugh your ass off!!! The tour wont be funny and interesting without him. Thanks to him, we all could eat some extra dishes during our lunch and dinner. He uses his own money to "buy" those dishes.... from 白斩鸡 to 扒猪脸.......etc

The Sek family, especially the brothers and sisters. I like to play with them, cards, games, 毽子......etc. They're very friendly, and their youngest brother is quite cute.

  • Sek Sze Wei
    He's the eldest of the 4 brothers and sisters. He's 1 year older than me. He's very friendly and helpful. He's fit, but he can reacts quite well. ^__^

  • Sek Sze Hao
    The youngest and cutest of all. He's very small sized, I firstly thought he's just Standard 2 or 3, but the fact that he's going to Std 5 next year. He's playful and joyful. Likes to play all the time.

  • Sek Ying Min
    She's the 2nd eldest in the family. She's same age as me. She's just like his younger brother, likes to play too. She always walk along with her younger sister YingPin. I think she fears of height..... 'coz she took a long time to climb down from the GreatWall of China...... (say say only. :P)

  • Sek Ying Pin
    She's the 2nd youngest in the family. She always with her sis YingMin. She's going to secondary school next year. She's more playful than her sis, she likes to play and fool her little brother.

The Soo family, I only talk with the elder and youngest brother.

  • Gerard Soo Kar Ming
    He's a friendly guy, and he's the eldest in his family. He's 1 year older than me.

  • Scott Soo Kar Fai
    The youngest son of the Soo family. He's Std 5 next year. He's very busy-body, yet trouble-maker. But he's still cute and make some jokes too.

Too be continue......

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