15 December 2004

BeiJing.......... (2)


I've learn a skill in BJ, that is bargaining. It's very important since most stores or shops item's price can be bargain(note: food, drinks and some other items are excluded.). Shopkeepers likes to place their price very high, but still can bargain to get discount up to 80% if you're a pro. Places like Lady's Street and YaShow shopping mall are great place for shopping for tourist. Note that the goods over those places are >80% fake or pirated, so the quality cant compare with the original. I've bought a football, RMB(RenMinBi, currency of China)50(RM25), original price RMB 130, a football boots, RMB 150(RM75), original price RMB 320. Ahahaha.... but too bad both are fake onez LOL!!

I've experience the coldest momment I ever had, in a city located NorthEast of BJ, ChengDe. It's the hunting ground of Qing dynasty emperor KangXi and QianLong. Since it's winter now, so it's bloody cold. Average temperature are below 0'c... and can reach -10'c. Too bad there's no snow, I only can see frozen solid lake and river. Walking on frozen water are somehow like ice-skating~

I ate many different kinds of dishes in BJ every meal. Most of those dishes cant be found in KL, so it's very special. I cant list those dishes out because I either dunno the food's name or forgot alrdy. I miss Malaysia's food, but luckily we had a chance to taste our M'sia's own dishes in a restraunt called Little Penang. M'sia's food didnt taste so good before! Even simple dish like chicken curry and fried egg can makes me ate afew bowl of rice lol! And the "teh tarik" taste good too! ^___^

If I got chance to go BJ again, I'll like to. But..... I dont want to go there during winter!!!

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