12 November 2004

I'm mentally shocked....

Recently, I've shocked, thx to my computer....... After it's reformated, I start all my programs from zero....

Then dunno how on Earth today (11 Nov 04) the electricity tripped, nearly whole 53300 area. I'm not the only victim, others also faced this prob. Soon after that, I try reconnect Strmyx. I dunno how on Earth it keeps saying "Port not found". My com was still ok before that, so I was WTF is happening here? I decide to try connect the net to my father's com.

It runs well, and I've try reconnect my Strmyx on my com. It still failed to conenct port. So I decide to online using my father's com. B'coz my father's com lags alot, so I run the Windows Update to check wheter I need to update any updates or not. Then I end up updating XP Service Pack 2..... it's slow, very slow.l Then I'm afraid of data lost, my father's file are precious, cant make anything wrong. The loading is sloooooooooooooooooooow.........

Since I'm waiting, I decide to check up what's wrong with my com. I found out that I accidentally disabled my network conenction..... So I enable it back. Soon after that I feel it works, but I havent try it. My father's com still using the net to load Service Pack 2.

After it's finish loaded, I restart my father's com. While restarting, I try to connect back my com to the net. It works, and I laugh at myself for my careless. That time I'm worried with my father's com, 'coz the restart took 15 mins to load...... I fear that it crashed and my father's data are all gone. Luckily........ things are settle down. I'm back to normal again.

I dunno why I'll be excited when my com got prob, I think the reason why is because I stick myself to the com for too long, like I cant live without it LOL.

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