11 November 2004

Friends Testimonial Part II

Yesterday I've posted my part I friends testimonial, so I'll continue part II today.

  • Muhsroom, my primary-school-classmate. We're still keep in touch via net. She's a nice girl, easy-going and jokes quite often. Although she's busy with her study, but she still manage to keep in touch with her friends. She's really great.

  • Dinsanekid, this year my classmate. Likes to boast and lie. Famously known as B.S. King, which is given by my English teacher. Likes to act cool but I was always annoyed by his attitude. Anyway he's quite helpful sometimes, and likes basketball too.

  • Jackboy, I knew this guy this year, eventhough he's in afternoon session. I knew him by another friend. This guy is................. *no comments, 'cause I didnt really talk to him in reality.*

  • Someone, I knew her this year, also by another friend. She's crazy...... well sometimes. She likes to joke towards others and make fool of other people. She's quite "spicy", and it's not good to make her angry.

  • Lokman, I knew her since Form 1. She's smart, always gets top 3 in the class. Easy-going, and friendly. No wonder some friends of mine....... ****s her. XD

  • Sweet_Girl, my primary-schoolmate. She'd "evoloved" from quiet to..... noisy girl. Likes to make fool of others, and talk crap alot. Still, she's a nice friend. :D
That's all for now. Maybe I'll add part III too, it depends..... :D

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  1. hehe~~ satisfied neh~ cant believe that u really wrote that for me.. eryerr..i'm touched~ want a kiss from mushroom? xp

    hmm~ i've been scrolling up and down but i've not seen kok yi's i mean ur pal's testimonial bor? my eyes are blur? ;p

    but anyway, salute clf because he is able to write so many words. it actually needs time~ man~ i really salute u!