15 June 2014

My Adidas shoes collection

My first purchase of Adidas shoes was in 2004, exactly 10 years ago.

Every pair of shoes has it's own story and represents different eras of my life.

Looking from the shoes, the transaction from football shoes, sport shoes, walking shoes, to casual shoes has certainly suggested that I've been through changes in my life.

Predator Absolado

Year: 2007
Purchased at: Bata shoe store, Alpha Angle Wangsa Maju, KL.

Adidas Predator Absolado

* Classic Predator.

I often wear this back in TARC days, as I was constantly "on-call", as such that whenever I got a message from friend wanna play futsal, I'll be ready all the time. In fact, I used to kept the ball in the car so I can spring into action ASAP!

Now I wear it once in awhile, mainly for futsal games.

Truant ATS

Year: 2009
Purchased at: Adidas warehouse store, Wangsa Maju, KL.

Adidas Truant ATS

* First pair of non-football shoes.

As I won't be playing football that often once I'm in Japan, I thought I could make use of a pair of proper walking shoes.

It served me well but now it's being "demoted" to an extra pair of reliable shoes.


Year: 2010
Purchased at: ABC Mart somewhere in Saitama.

Adidas Samba

* Never go wrong with black & red.

Rather than heading to school with sports shoes everyday, I thought why not give sneakers a try.

Besides short-distance travel, I wear it for occasional futsal as well. After all, the design is based on the classic football shoes.

AdiZero Bounce

Year: 2011
Purchased at: Adidas store Roppongi Hills, Tokyo.

Adidas AdiZero Bounce

* Long distance walker.

There's another backstory for this purchase.

When I was back in KL for holidays, my shoes were stolen from the house. So when back in Tokyo I've decided to get myself another pair.

The element on the sole attracted me, and it's not just aesthetical gimmick. It works well and the bouncy cushioning makes walking pretty comfortable.

I've traveled a lot on foot with this pair of shoes, especially my few trips to Kyoto, where I walked to most of the destinations.

Though it's worn and torn now, it's not surprising if I've clocked more than 100 km on this pair.

Zappan DLX

Year: 2014
Purchase at: Adidas store Shibuya, Tokyo.

Adidas Zappan DLX

* Smart & casual.

Though I'm still a freak walker today, as I'll be attending more occasions where sports shoes isn't appropriate, it is time to get something less sporty.

This pair caught my attention for it's low profile design but at the same time, comfortable cushioning to accommodate serious walking.


Some other pairs that I left in KL.

The Predators (except for the pair that I brought to Tokyo).

Scorch MB, which was being stolen back in KL, but miraculously found it back again later.

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