23 July 2012

Hello, I'm still alive here

Just to roughly sum up what am I up to lately, pardon for the excuse that I haven't been updating the blog that much lately. However I'm still active in other sites like Facebook or Twitter, as I can update bits of my life on the go right from the phone.

Few years ago, I wouldn't have thought that I can access Internet from the phone to do most stuffs on the go, from email checking, social media updates, read news & blogs, and occasionally a game or two on such as small device. Back then, all these activities were solely dominated by computer itself, let it be a desktop or laptop.

That makes it interesting to look forward what impact can the future's devices had in our lives. But of course, while there's the bright side, it has the dark side as well, like this one for example.

OK so back to the topic... What makes me occupied all these while?

#1 University's Student Staff
My major part-time job, and it's getting slightly bigger since I wrote about it few months ago. I used to worked at the major campus at Kawagoe, before the university decided to allocate new batch of students staffs to work at my campus at Kamifukuoka in May.

So, what's the catch? I am the "boss". :P

But not exactly as it sounds.

I did my part well and I think I deserved the "promotion".
Since I'm the most senior member of all, and having a good reputation certainly works well to persuade & influence the bosses heh.

Currently, my job is sandwiched in between the student staffs and the boss right above us, sort of a liaison role. I did my part with the routine works and now it's time to move on to the administrative side, which means planning and improving the student staff's working system in general.

Of course, it's also part of my job to teach the new staffs on getting things done, as well as reminding myself at the same time. I realized that teaching others is a good way to remember things again at the same time.

It's more than just a mere part-time job where you punch the card, repeating tasks, and punch the card again to call it off a day. It's a unique position where you can think from the perspective of a student as well as a staff of the university, alongside with the lecturers.

Another crucial learning point would be trying to get used to working in a Japanese environment. While I've been staying here for a few years already, you wouldn't improve much unless you embrace the real scene and learn things hands-on. So far so good, and I'm enjoying it.

2nd term Web System Crew of MSAJ
I resumed my previous role for the students association this year as well.

But just like the student staff's job, I'm more towards the planning and administrative work. Now that we have a few more new members to help, that make things a little smoother then before.

While now I'll try to let other members to take care of the updates, sometimes there're certain emails that I have to go through personally.

However, back in May we had a crucial website issue which clashed with our timing to promote our Career Fair. Talk about bad timing, as that time I was busy to handle studies and works in the university and coming back home in the evening to continue deal with unsolved problems.

It's grateful that assistance is provided at that moment, we got the website entirely overhauled and fixed the headache domain issue as well. Thanks again for the big help, folks!
I'm gonna spend some time to learn and get used to the WordPress control panel. It's more sophisticated compared to Blogger's. 

Another personal project would be, came up with a proposal to collaborate with hostels/guesthouse around Japan to promote tourism. We received quite a lot of inquiries from folks in Malaysia but unfortunately currently we are not providing any sort of tourism services. So I thought, why not to try to approach other parties to see if we can work something out.  

Currently it's still in drafting stage. I hope I can get the initial draft prepared during summer holiday.

3rd year, Spring semester 
I thought that university's 3rd year would be much relaxed compared to the 2nd year, but I was wrong.

With more specialized subjects, gonna crank up more brain juice everyday....
But at the same time, it means getting involved with some interesting things along way.

I just realized that, for more than 2 years I've been saying that I'm doing acoustics & sound engineering here, but the fact is that my "type" of acoustics and sound engineering may be a little bit different from what people normally perceived.

While I do play around with mixer consoles, recording samples, editing the soundwaves on computer, my main interest lies within how to listening to the music. I noticed that my passion for sound is based on enjoying the best experience through headphone and earphone. While speaker is the best choice, but due to cost and space constrain, for the time being I'll enjoy it from miniature speakers (headphone & earphone).

According to my lecturer, headphones and earphones nowadays had improved greatly over the past decades. With the better technology we have today, the manufactures are able to create earphone/headphone with better materials and tuned to sound superb, if not trumps over speaker system. However, the perception of "good sound" lies within every individual's own definition. Some like heavier bass; some like the vocal's crisp clear voice; some may like the depth of sound etc. Maybe in another time I'll write about specifically what defines a good sound? This is actually one of the questions for my recent final exam.

Juggling 3 commitments at the same time aren't easy.

Normally my routine would goes like this:
Morning - Lessons
Afternoon - Lessons or work
Evening - MSAJ's work or other unfinished works.

There were times that I'm both physically and mentally exhausted due to information overload. But it's not really that bad anyway. Gonna get used to working under such stress.

This semester I had almost no holidays at all (including Japan's public holidays & Golden Week), and during Saturday I still have to attend classes, but I still had a little time to relax and travel a little.

Tokyo's spring Sakura (April 2012)
Taken around Sumida river near Asakusa, one of the top tourist spot in Tokyo.

東京スカイツリー。 Tokyo Sky Tree.

Kyoto's spring Sakura (April 2012)
A second trip to the old capital within 2 months' time. One could simply fall in love with Kyoto.... such an amazing place.

Inside the Gion Kobu Kaburenjo's garden

Odaiba お台場
It's been awhile since I last went to Odaiba, but I went there twice within a month in May lol. It's very different compared to other commercial districts in Tokyo, slightly similar to Yokohama in some ways (oceanfront).

Sunset at Odaiba.
Rainbow Bridge lit up. Tokyo Tower in distance away.
Gundam 1/1 scale model

Thai Festival
One of my favourite cultural festival, the Thai festival! Lots of nice food, which reminds me of those back home due to the close location between Thailand and Malaysia.

今年もタイ フェスティバルが開催中!明日が最後の日なので、見逃さなく!いっぱいの美味しいタイ料理が食べられる!このジャイタイのタイ風焼鶏がオススメ! Thai Festival 2012 at Yoyogi Park! Tomorrow's the last day yo! Don't miss it!

Tokyo station 東京駅
In it's final stage of reconstruction. Looking forward for it's renewal launch in October! :)

Looking forward for Tokyo station to regain it's full glory. 東京駅の復興を期待してます!

Meiji Jingu 明治神宮
Another favourite hangout spot located in one of the popular commercial districts. Once you step in there, you would have forgotten that you're in the middle of Tokyo.



Next time I should try to focus on a specific topic to make the post length shorter.... 'til then.... :)

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