02 December 2011

Oh, It's December Already

Well well well, it's December already huh.... As we're getting older, we couldn't help but think that time passes pretty fast heh. Very soon I'll have to go through the process again where I'll correct the date from 2011 to 2012. Happens almost everytime ever since primary school times lol.

In this post ain't going to do any reflective post about 2011, but instead will focus on things happening lately. After all, it's just the start of the month and interesting things might be happening 'til the very end.

I don't think that I would've imagined there are days that I wouldn't be updating the blog regularly. But yeah, as we grew up and more responsibilities entrusted to us, a little personal time for self is scarce.

As per usual style, pictures with a little description.

I may have mentioned that I was being called for a scholarship's interview in October. Although the passing rate was 50%, unfortunately I was at the other half of the equation. But anyway, I've applied for the university's student staff post, an alternative source of income and gain some extra knowledge.

During the span of few weeks I've been learning basic Japanese business manners, from the degree of bowing to the application of Japanese honorific terms (敬語).

Although the correct answer is 2, in the reality I've heard people replying their boss in 1 or 3, which either way is not incorrect at all.

How to deal with telephone call.

Back in the classroom, career planning class. Would say this is one of the best subject so far in this semester, crucial and useful for the few more years to come.

Rainy day in the university.

Warm udon taste good during cold weather.

First time ordering pizza in Japan after few years staying here lol. Mainly is because not many of them selling personal pizza and the only one selling it happens to locate within walking distance from my room lol.

Trying out headphones at my favourite shop, BicCamera Shinjuku west gate.

Illuminations at Shinjuku station's east gate.

Gamelan ensemble performed by one of my lecturer and some students. The best way to enjoy gamelan is listening to it live to feel the vibration of the delicate instruments.

Spent one day re-exploring Kawagoe again. Target of the day is autumn's symbolic red leaves. But unfortunately this year the red leaves arrive later than usual, according to the locals.
Heavily edited btw

The three colours near the university.

Christmas comes early in Ginza!

Had my first ever official dinner with the embassy as one of the minister came to visit Japan.

I was the odd one out ordering Japanese rice wine (sake) while others ordered Cola or orange juice lol. But what's more surprising was that the ambassador himself suggested to me that the rice wine taste better served in warm.

The dinner was held at Tenkuni Ginza, a restaurant specialise in tempura dishes.

Then again, I'm the odd one out lol....

Although the portion is a little, at the end of the 8 courses meal everyone was very full.

The minister himself, Khaled Nordin from the ministry of higher education.

This Monday evening went to Tsukiji to enjoy piano recital from one of the university's piano lecturer. Too bad I don't really know any of the songs played except for the encore "Fur Elise" lol.

It's odd to go to Tsukiji for other purpose instead of it's glorious sushi, so before heading back to Saitama dined at one of the sushi shops.

On Tuesday, officially started work as a student staff in the university. Yeah!

That's it for now folks, I kinda enjoyed writing this post. Sensed that I'm slowly regaining the instinct to write heh. Will be looking forward to this weekend as Tokyo Motorshow 2011 is in town! :)

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  1. The business strategy question looked so N2-ish! Haha am sitting for N2 tomorrow and im still blog-walking. DIE