30 December 2011

Instagram Photos 2011

I'm a late player for Instagram, in fact I used to shun it saying that the filters look cheap, but once I started to play with it I take back my words. They say, you'll never know the real deal until you try it huh?

Here I'll be posting some of the more popular photos Liked by people on Instagram.
(My Instagram page)

Lamborghini Gallardo SL, at Meguro, Tokyo.

This is either Cosmos or daisy #flower

Sunset at Japan 5pm.

A part of Tokyo Imperial Palace

Blue sky cloud 青空 (joint 3rd popular)

Christmas train in front of Shinbashi station, Tokyo. Xmas

Mercedes Benz SLS AMG at the workshop. (joint 3rd popular)

Sunset Mount Fuji as seen from the university. 夕方の富士山。(2nd popular)

炙り大とろサーモン刺身。 Fat salmon belly sashimi. #sushi #japan #寿司 #刺身 #鮭
 (most popular)

The 3 colors near the univ. #秋 #autumn #fall #紅葉

#autumn #fall #redleaves #紅葉 #秋 #日本 #japan 

Blog post on the #geisha event is now up! Ow.ly/7lebR #maiko

Autumn flower. 秋の花 (joint 3rd popular)

Japanese #wedding procession. #ceremony #tokyo #japan (joint 3rd popular)


  1. Oh the last picture was splendid! Must be freaking darn lucky for you to able to take a traditional wedding in JP!

  2. just goto the shrine (Meiji Jingu in Tokyo for this case) during weekend and u'll see streams of newly wed ceremonies like this took place. :)

  3. streamsssss hahahaha well if I pass the embassy recommendation maybe next year la

  4. JPA scholarship or Monbusho? well good luck then. ;)