05 June 2011

May It Be

Phew.... finally I've some time to write a few words here in this blog again.To put it simply, May was a hell busy month!

May's calendar was fully loaded!

I didn't expected that after Golden Week things came rolling together clustering the entire schedule hah. It's not a bad thing actually to be busy, as long as I've the right mentality to see through things. Not just busy for university's lessons, but sometimes for MSAJ's affairs too.

As I mentioned, "right mentality".... I guess the greatest "discovery" in the mid of the month. After that, the rest of the days felt like zombie-like. It seems that from that point onwards the mood just went downhill. Thankfully, it was not the worst that I've experienced before, still able to cope with it eventually. But those few weeks felt unusually exhausted. I guess it's not just physical exhaustion, but mental exhaustion as well.

When one's not at the best mood, even blue sky can look bleak.

Anyway, pictures time again.... I think pictures will tell better stories than just plain text.

One popular spot in the university, 100 yen vending machine. Usually I get my dose of caffeine here.

Trying to cut and paste a tape using old school open-reel tape editing machine which dated from 1980.

Borrowed a few high-quality CDs from the lecturer. Super High Material CD, Blu-spec CD, Extreme Hard Glass CD.


A friend came over for visit during one weekend. Dinner was his favorite unagi set.

Perhaps, the low mood can be blamed on the gloomy weather as well. I've read that seasonal change can actually affect one's mood too.

Always love to see great blue sky over the green tea plantation after the rain.
The mood is somewhat lifted as well after a few days not seeing the sun. :)

June.... I bet it'll be another busy month to go but at least I'm feeling a lot better to face it! :)
'til then, have a great summer ahead people!!

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