14 December 2010

Facebook VS Suicide

Facebook VS Suicide

In case you haven't heard of the piece of disturbing news lately, here's a quick review:
"A young Malaysian had recently jumped off from an apartment after breaking up with his girlfriend of 4 months, not before leaving his final words on Facebook before committing the final act. [link]"

Suicide is not an uncommon "practice" in Japan, and in fact Japan has one of the highest suicide rates in the world. It's actually a norm to hear announcements of train delays due to human accident, as jumping off the rail track seems to be one of the easiest & fastest way to commit suicide here in Japan.

Back to the Malaysian youngster's story, I have ZERO sympathy for his death, and in fact I would said he was, and is a fool.
Using past tense, as he's no longer alive; Using present tense, as what he had left in the world is an example of a fool's action.

Personally I believe that one is responsible for his/her life no matter what's the outcome and ultimately, taking your own (or other's) life is deem to be the ultimate fool's way of doing things, which I'm frown upon. I value life dearly. No matter how tough is the challenge, how impossible it seems to be, there must be a way of solving things out. Sometimes, it's just a matter of time, really.

This poor soul whom definitely lacked of EQ seems to had a heart made of glass I think. Once it's broken, it just shattered like that and can never be recovered it seems. A 4 months relationship is just an infant, and to see a couple breaking up, reunited together is not unseen before. I've witnessed stronger relationships of years broke up so yeah..... 4 months big deal huh?

Another thing I frown upon is how the Facebookrians (namely immature youngsters) actually saluted and "bestowed" the deceased with the title of "love saint". Blasphemy!!!
He died because he couldn't fix his mind and heart thus commit suicide, such an act of cowardice. If he's dead by the means of protecting his love ones however, he deserved to be celebrated then. But not when he committed suicide.

I know I may be harsh here, but I don't think that he deserve any condolences for whatsoever mess he had created. He seems to loved family, friends, and the ex-gf but apparently his action is totally opposite from what he's trying to achieve.
Worse, is that some other foolish souls out there might echo him and commit similar mistake again, which is something I'm sort of concern of.

Facebook is supposed to be a tool to communicate with living beings, not to leave your will and receive condolences. Whenever a "hit" news or info landed on Facebook, it can be spread easily and rapidly with just the click of [Share] button. This can be depressing as my Facebook homepage was spammed with his (undeserved) condolences.

Thereby, I urge friends out there stop sharing news or links related to such suicide cases, whether it's genuine or fabricated.

Suicide due to breakup is a foolish idea.

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