21 November 2010

MSAJ Futsal 2010

Ever since coming to Japan I've spent significantly lesser time on football as lack of practise ground and mates to train with. So far before this I only played proper football like once, almost half year back in Chiba.
And nowadays I've picked up other sports such as table tennis and cycling to replace football as my primary sports.
Because of this, skills are kinda rusty and the instinct of the game slowly fades as time passes.

To sort of test myself what's left in me, decided to join the MSAJ's sports festival futsal competition since it's held not that far from my place at Niiza (新座).
Was being asked whether wanna play but didn't really know who's in the team until the matchday.

We are Team D1, Joker.

Was surprised to see so many players when I arrived, but well football is a popular sports among Malaysians so yeah.

First match was against Petropan, another team with acquaintances. I've to admit I was the odd one in the team, can't really blend in well with the game-flow. Then again my not-so-well stamina doesn't help either. The scoreline was 2-1 against us. Jeremy of the other team scored twice and as consolation, Calvin helped to score for our team from the corner I delivered.

The other 2 teams in our group, Roti Bom and Tomidai.

2nd match, we're going against Tomidai, one of the top teams in our group. Then again, 2-1 for the result. I was the keeper and was to be blamed for the goals conceded. First was a shot from blind sight, while the 2nd was not a good save and let the ball rebound to the opponent player.
But anyhow, a long-range assist near the end helped to put the scoreline slightly respectable at 2-1.

Final match in the group, we faced the so-called weaker-team of our group. In fact, we've taken the lead by 2-0 at the first half, but in the 2nd half due to various shake-ups, the 2-0 lead was turn into 2-4 disaster. Well..... as the keeper I should've done better.  :(

Years back I used to be a decent keeper but that was like secondary school level, still yet to conquer the phobia of getting hit by the ball.
Talk about the ball, I always have problem with futsal ball because it's not bouncy and tend to be harder than it's normal counterparts.

Although we're at the bottom of the table, we "advanced" into the next knock-out stage by playing against the  losing teams from other groups.

Then again, similar story as above, 2-1 final score, just that I've managed to score a goal. :P

In the 4 matches we've played, as a consolation at least we aren't beaten that badly (except the 2-4) considering the other teams trained for quite some time while we're a team only know each others on the matchday heh. And at least, we didn't leave an egg on the scoresheet.

Then again, football is a tough game so abit of knocks here and bang there is kinda normal. I bet for the few days to come I'm gonna recover from the fatigue slowly huh....

Niiza seems to be a more developed city compared to Kawagoe and Fujimino.


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  1. top scorer of team jokerDecember 14, 2010 1:49 AM

    time to practise more!