01 November 2010

From Kawagoe to Fujiminoshi, Moved.


October has been a productive month, been occupied most of my weekends moving stuffs over the new place and occasionally down to Tokyo to attend some students meet-ups (MSAJ).

Need not to repeat what I've stated in the previous post, the prelude of moving out. But I've to admit that I left the hostel earlier than I expected, say at least until next Feb or March. At the same time, I felt relief moving out finally, to my total freedom.  :)

It's actually a chance for me to learn and experience to do (mostly) all things by myself. Tried not to ask for help from others this time. I would however, glad to lend my hand to those who need it, namely the few Malaysian juniors that might be entering the same university too.
Soon, I'll be the one who entrust instead of being entrusted heh.

I moved into the room yesterday (Sat, 30rd Oct), the same day as typhoon no.14 (nicknamed Chaba) rages towards the Kanto region. Was expecting terrible weather but just rather normal drizzle and slightly windy. Was glad though.

The moving company I called was Akabo (赤帽), as introduced by my senior Cyrus. Now I learn that most moving companies charge according to the size of the truck and amount of items instead of distance. That explains why the 15 mins ride is just a few thousands yen cheaper than when I moved from Tokyo to Saitama (traveled almost 2.5 hours).

Grateful I am to the person who helped me to move stuffs. I requested for the extra service of helping me to carry some big items over from the 2nd hand shop. In the end bought a fridge and washing machine for 18k yen.

Rainy day wasn't the best condition to move things eh, when we're handling the washing machine our hands slipped because of the slippery surface. The washing machine took a knock on a side with some visible scars, but after test-run it works so I don't have any qualms over it. The guy did  gave "discount" over the miscarriage which I initially reluctant.

In the end I paid 11k yen for his service. Another great example of superb Japanese service, definitely will recommend this guy if the juniors would be moving over.


Since this room comes without furnitures so I have to get my stuffs. Gotta thank Mr Sato, the previous hostel's manager for giving me the table which become my computing desk (where my laptop sits right now).

Buying furnitures can be costly but luckily not far from my univ there's this Super Viva Home mall which houses vast varieties of stuffs at a reasonable price. And not to mention, the nett 1k yen delivery charge to nearby addresses without number of items limit!

My loots, will show the full setup pic once they're delivered this coming Wednesday.
Total damage was 11k yen.

Still need some time to sort out all the stuffs, but so far things seem to be doing pretty well here. Will put up some pics of the room up here when I'm almost done!! ;)

November will only be the REAL beginning of my university life!! :D


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  2. Its good to find people like you and blogs like this, where people share their personal experience from their encouters with different removalists. If you ask me that means a lot.