18 October 2010

Moving Out, the Prelude

I'm moving out again, the 3rd "base" in Japan.
This decision doesn't come out of sudden as I've been considering it for some time already.

Some details bout the new place:

1) Less than 10 mins bicycle ride to university campus compared to current's 20 mins.
2) ¥29,000 rent compared to current ¥58,000.
3) Make up space of 16m, comes with a loft almost half size of the room itself.
4) Private kitchen and bathroom.

Below is a video taken when I just received the room's key.

Some pics taken when I first visit the room.





this was taken from another unit though.

I planned to move out by the end of the month so these days I'm busy moving stuffs over here and there. Will be needing moving company's service but for now will move whatever I can by myself, taking my own sweet time.
I do really need some time to settle down, maybe by end of Nov as I still need to do some furnishing.

It can be kinda tiresome but for the long run it's worth it.

That's all for the time being..... cheers guys!

P/S: The agent I went through was Able btw.


  1. Wow... half the price cheaper. ^^ Congratulation on that move~~

  2. hahah thanks~ 引越したら、遊びに来い! :D

  3. don't think the air-con is powerful enough.
    good choice, looks like you'll need a bigger moving-in budget... to furnish up the place...

    it certainly looks bigger than a typical japanese living quarters...

  4. PF:
    it's actually a typical setting for a one-person living in Japan.
    still not sure bout the air-cond's power, will see about that. :)