12 February 2010

Closing To The End

Alright, here's another life update journal after abandon writing one for a few months already. It's already Feb and I ought to write something about life so far, as my Japanese language lesson is coming to an end soon by the end of the month.

This week we're having our final exam, which will determine whether we can graduate from the school or not. Paper-based test done on Tuesday, and essay test done today. Next Monday there'll be the final presentation to conclude the final exam.

Since the essay is related to the presentation's content, we don't need to spend more time to think of points to add in, just that I need to came out with a draft so that I can estimate to what extent I can write.
Well I'm delighted that it came out pretty good, and now I'll left the judgment by the teacher.

So what's the title I wrote? One of my favourite things in Japan, SUSHI!!

2 types of prawns, hotate (scallop), Salmon, Ikura (Salmon roe).

I think I'll be posting the essay up on my Japanese blog when I further garnish it. Yep, I've started a blog totally in Japanese, in order to further practise my writings in Japanese.

Back to the Japanese language lesson, the last day will be on 24th Feb which is a Wednesday. Guess we'll be having farewell party with Yamaguchi sensei on that day instead of our class tutor Endou sensei.

The graduation ceremony will be held on 3rd March, a week after the class ends. By that time, I shall be preparing to clean up my room, as I'll be moving to the new place on 9 March (Tues).

So for now what I have to do is, call for the moving company and ask for quotations. Once that's confirmed, gonna inform the hostel's person-in-charge over the other side. Hopefully I can get things settled by that week, and then go update my registrations for my this and that.... Lots of things to be settled on March huh.

Speaking of March, apart of hoping the weather to turn warmer abit (I prefer warm than cold), I had no idea how would I be spending my birthday this year. It's kinda likely that I might be sending my friends off to Narita airport on the Saturday morning since there're quite a few of them going back to Malaysia for the short break.

March 2010 is gonna be a challenging month, but anyway I've already a grown up, so whatever placed in front of me, I'm gonna face it and solve it all by myself. 21st years old, don't play play!

To end this post, I shall share some pics I've took lately.

Indian cuisine (err, Nepalese to be exact) dinner at a local place, which serves quite good curry that I didn't tried before. The green curry is chicken spinach curry while the other is mutton curry (it's rare to get mutton here in Tokyo). Love the tandoori chicken drumstick!!

The meal is accompanied with naan breads. We ordered cheese naan for each of us which was sinfully delicious!
The centre large piece of naan was FOC!

Address for the restaurant:
Himalayan Curry Nirvana.

Spotted this funny Japanese Engurish at a sushi restaurant in Ueno's Ameyoko.

Cartoon characters-themed can drinks in the vending machine. Nope I didn't get one.

Sunset from a random part in Ochanomizu (御茶ノ水, which literally means tea water!).

Currently reading "Thanks For The Memories" by Cecelia Ahern. Bought it just for 525 yen!

Last video, interesting USB memory drives found in Akihabara....


  1. those books selling at such price over there?

  2. I think no, but I sort of get it from flee market. Was aiming for Dan Brown's books though, but flooded with Twilights.