30 January 2010

Fixing the Harddisk

Thursday have to sacrifice having lunch together with bunch of friends in order to get back earlier to settle the computer's problem.


As expected from Japanese's service quality, the technician reached just few mins before 1:30pm as I was informed that he'll arrive within 1:30~2:00pm. No complains to have him reached earlier, since I'm back in my room already.

While the technician had reached, but the hardware haven't (the parts are delivered separately). After the promised 2pm, the technician contacted the company and the parts finally reached around 2:30pm. It's said that the delivery company reached around 1pm but I haven't came back by that time.

Such a big box, and yet inside there just contain a smaller box containing the replacement harddisk.


Was kinda awkward that the technician stands at a side waiting while me busy with my homeworks. I tried to engage in conversation but he seems to be too reserved to speak freely. I'm not that surprised by it as this is typical attitude of Japanese service reps.

Anyway the technician is called Mr Ootsubo (大坪), and the reason why I didn't address him as a "Dell technician" because he's just from a computer company which had a contract with Dell to provide the technical supports.

He works pretty swiftly with the replacement process, just around 10 mins. One thing I noticed is that the harddisk compartment isn't as complicated as the DVD-rom which took around 1 hour to replace it last time.

Running the test diagnosis.

The faulty HDD, which is still actually usable but might be unstable for long-run.

I thought this WD harddisk is manufactured in the factory in PJ, but who knows it came from a neighbourhood country.

The replacement harddisk is a 320GB Toshiba HDD. No pic of it except this tag.... which also manufactured from another neighbourhood country!

The longest process would be reinstalling the Windows and the system drivers. Nothing much to talk about it as I can do it all by myself. Just that reinstalling the programs and drivers, updating Windows at the first place can be kinda annoying as it consumes time and have to restart a few times.

Also, re-transferring the pictures and music files took the longest time of all I think. It's estimated that I have more than 50GB of music files, and  at least 20GB of photos.
It's crazy.... seems like I still have like 50~60% of free space of the 300GB (though technically stated 320GB harddisk).

Well, my warranty will last for some time so for the time being, should have no problems with the computer. Just hope that it will be problem-free for the rest of the times hah!

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