24 January 2010

Crippled Without the Internet

This post was written while my Internet is down on Sunday.

This morning I was awaken by Caphy’s call around 1030am in the morning. I’m kinda blur when I answer her but the moment she asked whether I can connect to the net, I sensed something isn’t right. The first thing I do when I wake up is to turn on the computer. It has been my habit since I came here. 

Yep, I couldn’t connect to the net.

Went out to asked a few other hostelmates and everyone replied the same answer. Decided to inform the hostel’s person-in-charge but unfortunately she wasn’t around. There’re 2 of them but both were not in their room. Kinda desperate, we called Mr Kondou (who helped to retrieve my bicycle months ago) to inform him the situation. Since it’s Sunday so it’s kinda impossible to had someone from the ISP to came over to check what’s wrong. We’re being told to wait til tomorrow huh.

Actually many of us needed to use the Internet today is because we’re having a presentation practise tomorrow which we need to prepare the materials by finding information on the net. It’s like being cursed that when you need the tool the most, it isn’t available.

Went to the local McD to meet Caphy who tried to online via wireless. Then again, we had problem to connect to the net duh. Something isn’t right with the wireless settings, we couldn’t connect it eventhough there’re a few wireless signals around.

Although Japan is relatively an advanced technology country, but not most of the Japanese made full use of the Internet and thus common knowledge of the Internet is kinda limited. And, it’s not that you can find wireless spots in Tokyo easily. I had no idea about this.

Back in McD, I had my lunch there while chatting with Caphy and Cong Jie, everyone wanted to get online to prepare for the presentations but oh well, nobody see this coming. The net was still running fine last night when I slept around 230am.

At least, I still can keep myself occupied even without the Net. Just finish watched The Da Vinci Code movie.

Just hope that by tomorrow when I get back from school, everything will be fine… back to my world wide web.

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