13 January 2010

Blog Statistics

The other day when I was browsing through this blog's archives I noticed the post count listed on each month. Not a Maths freak myself but decided to put in all the figures and make a statistical "report" of it.

So far this is the breakdown of each posts I've posted (published) from Nov 2004 to Dec 2009.

Simply put it in words....
blog stats 2

Noticed the extremes eh? Highest posts count in a month VS the lowest posts count.
March 2005 was the time when I'm just budding into blogsphere and actively write about personal stuffs, things happening in the school or some cool stuffs I've found on the net.
As for April 2007, I was absent attending National Service (aka PLKN, Khidmat Negara for Malaysians) far away from Internet access. Thanks again to Wei Cheng to help me update the blog briefly while I'm not around!

Posts count sorted by years.
blog stats 3

blog stats 4

Not surprise to see that 2005 is the highest again, and the 2 months++ absent due to National Service had taken it's toll on 2007's posts count.
However, 2009 is currently the year with lowest posts count (ignore 2004's, as I've just started like about 2 months before the new year).

Supposingly, I'll had lots of things to write about here, discoveries of Japan. I do have a lot of things to share on this blog about Japan, but due to studies or some other reasons I just couldn't make it.
One of the biggest factor is processing the pics. Alhough I've uploaded all the pics to Flickr, but to choose the best pics among the collection and post it here is quite a challenge as there're too much of them to pick!
For example, I haven't did the post for Tokyo Motorshow 2009, School Trip to Odaiba, Disney Sea trip etc etc....

I'll try to sort things out when I had more time, and post it up here.
Some of the few pics....

In Disney Sea, Tokyo. 22 Dec 2009.

Rainbow Bridge of Odaiba. 10 Dec 2009.

Oji Shrine. 18 Dec 2009.

Walking towards a shrine in Ueno. 24 Dec 2009.

Looking back, noticed that my blogging style had changed from a naive kiddy tone (refers to my secondary school times) to a more matured way which I'm doing it now. Anyhow, to see how my personal development is reflected on this blog, I'd say I'm pretty please with the progress so far. There're still a lot of things which I've to learn for the years to come.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading this blog! :)

P/S: Why I'd write about the blog statistic thingy, I actually wanna try Microsoft Excel 07 after years didn't touch it. Seems like making graphs are more complicated than before, especially choosing which data to "feed" the graph. Gonna work off the rusting computing skills!

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