23 December 2009

The Kabuki Show

Few months ago teacher asked us anyone who might be interested to catch the traditional Japanese theatre drama, Kabuki (歌舞伎). Nearly no one budged so the offer dies off just like that. Mainly is because we're reluctant to write the 100~400 words of "report" as a part of feedback after watching the Kabuki.

Again in Nov, the teacher came up with the offer again. This time the "report" has been further reduce to just filling in a simple survey form. Tempted by this offer, me and some classmates gave our names to the teacher. It's something new to us, the traditional art of Japan.

The show took place around afternoon 2pm. Getting to the theatre in Asakusa isn't that hard though switching many lines of metros wasn't fun for those who're not used to interchanging the trains, heh.

(check out my previous post to find out more about Asakusa.)

The show we're watching, 加賀見山旧錦絵.

Show tickets. Well believe it or not, each of these cost 6,000 yen!! All thanks to the sponsor Mitsubishi for these ticks!

While waiting in the lobby, here's a view of a part of Asakusa which we normally wouldn't be passing-by.

Before the show start, this is the backdrop of the stage.
Didn't take much pics as it's prohibited to do so.

Well as for the show, it's some sort of triangle relationship between the 3 main characters. There's the villain, the victim and the loyal servant.
So basically the victim was embarrassed and forced to commit suicide by the villain, and later on the loyal servant of the victim planned to avenge for his/her mistress (the gender of the servant still remains unknown to me until today lol).

Well that's what I read from a brief description and explanation by the teachers. The level of Japanese language used in the theatre is something we students can't really get it, mixture of classical Japanese and the theatric pronunciation, confusing us apart.
So it's not hard to find some audience doze off into the dreamland heh. Shamelessly to say, that I'm one of that as well lol.

Shots from the last scene near the ending part. Couldn't resist to take the pics as the others are doing as well.

Judging from the pics, you can see that I'm seated a few rows from the stage, not bad.

Show ended around 4pm++. We're bunch of hungry students as some of us skipped our lunch, so the next best thing is to dumb something into our stomach during the cold winter day.

It's already all day though it's just around 5pm.

Candid shot.


Since we don't really had any idea of where to dine in, we wonder around and took the metro to Ginza.
Ah, glorious streets of Ginza.

Spotted this cool all-black Brabus-tuned Maybach.

Finally we've decided to go for yakiniku (grill meat) buffet that comes with free-flow alcohol.


I like this Heineken beer, quite mild and suits me well. The best beverage to accompany grill meat yeah!

Not much pics as we're all busy eating and grilling. Besides, there's a 90 mins limit so there's no time to waste!

We took the 3,000 yen course. The other 4k & 5k ones come with crabs.

Can you spot the English error?

Pretty Christmas lightings to shine your eyes!

Hanging out awhile after the satisfying dinner before we head back to the hostel.

Full map of Ginza. The Japanese love the concept of "田" shape civil planning, so that's why you've such square-shaped map.

Finally one's done, but the next one will be a massive update, which I might split it into different posts perhaps? Too many pics hah....

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