06 September 2009

Suat's Farewell

Earlier this week it was quite a surprise to learn that my fellow classmate, Suat had to discontinue his study in the school to move back to Turkey on next Tuesday. All of the classmates were caught off-guard with this sudden news. He's been absent for quite a few days and when he turn back up, he looks kinda down rather than his usual joyful manner.
The exact reason of him going back was unclear, but I heard it's because of family issue.

Friday during the last period before the class ends had a quick farewell ceremony which involving taking pictures, exchanging contacts and wishes.
Here goes the pics....

Card made by Jack Leang.

Class photo with the classmates and teachers.



Jack Leang handing over the card to Suat. It was a well-made card.

Suat showing off the card.

Writing down contact details....

Me and Suat.

I've been sitting beside Suat in April when we're just started the class (we had monthly seat rotations). Was quite nervous to sit besides him because this is my first encounter with a Turkish, and given that my Japanese wasn't that well at that time only spoken a few words with him. He speaks Japanese fluent than most of us in the class.

Well he's a sporting guy, the enthusiastic type which would grab the chance to answer the teacher's questions, sometimes interrupting others in the process which annoys some other classmates.
From what I see in these few months time, Suat's a smart guy and might be a little bit of arrogant of what he had achieved compared to the classmates, but anyway he's just do it for fun and doesn't really intended to offend anyone.

Having casual chat with fellow classmate.

I noticed some of the classmates are getting restless bout him, which leads to shutting each others in the class verbally. I guess maybe the classmates didn't really get used to his attitude.

As for me, I find him just fine and albeit a little too playful sometimes, heh. He's the source of energy in the class, so without him for the rest of the class I'm sure the class would be pretty silent.

Anyhow, all the best to Suat back in his mother country Turkey. He must have been through a lot to move back to Turkey after staying in Japan for a couple of years. Oh well, less one more competent table tennis opponent....

Trying out the yukata.

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