22 September 2009

Akihabara, 2nd visit.

(Sorry for the late post, had been caught up with something last night and neglected this update. Was having movie marathon. :P )

Sunday, I woke up rather late close to the noon mark, it was great to sleep at the early-autumn's weather around 25'C. Quickly loaded some breads and coffee, prepared myself and off I go to Akihabara.

Train ticket cost 310 yen on Tokyo Metro Chiyoda line (東京メトロ千代田線) transfer to JR Yamanote line, same price as going to Ikebukuro too. Reached Akihabara in about 20 mins' time, rather short distance in Tokyo's case.

This time I took the right-turn at the Akihabara train station instead of the usual left which signals "Akihabara Electric Town Exit".
Just outside the right-side exit, here's one of the biggest department stores, Yodobashi Camera.

Saw folks gathering near the entrance of Yodobashi Camera, everyone's having a Nintendo DS on their hand. Seems like there's some sort of gaming event here, if not mistaken Nintendo DS comes with the function to connect wirelessly with other players.

Headed into the Yodobashi Camera first instead of the last destination from the previous trip... Now that I'm a little more familiar with the floor plans I know which floors to go to look out for things that interest me rather than going through each floors.

Testing out the new iPod Touch (though looks the same as previous generation from the outside), watching a music video from one of my favourite anime series.

Age of Empires III Gold Edition, love this series but didn't try this one before. Rather expensive costing at 9,200 yen, you can get it cheaper in Malaysia (I'm referring to the original's price, not the "Jack Sparrow" edition)
Age of Empires III

Spotted this new Canon IXY Digital 930 IS which replaces the one I'm currently using (920 IS).
Canon IXY Digital 930 IS

Although comes with higher megapixel and widescreen display, I wasn't too fancy with it because of the troublesome touchscreen feature, which I think will somehow spoil the familiarity with Canon's camera interface.
Canon IXY Digital 930 IS

I spent a little time in Yodobashi Camera, decided not to waste too much time inside there where I can see more stuffs outside. Sunny and breezy weather it is, good for some walkabouts around the streets.

Spotted people selling 2nd hand goods here. Figures, plush toys, dolls, etc etc....

Cuteness be warned!

The dolls above mostly cost between 500 to 1,000 yen. Consider cheap as mostly one would need to spend quite some fortunate to hook it from the UFO machines. Good idea to get it as souvenir for friends if they love cute stuffs such as these.

Not really a beauty sight, used clothings at 100 yen per piece.

Spotted a nice car, from my favourite brand Lexus. This one is the new Lexus HS 250h. It's a hybrid btw.

Later I spent most of the time walking down the main street, and some of the back alleys.

You know what's selling inside don't you?

A very smart business strategy, a shop mainly caters for the smokers.

Had late lunch around 4pm+ that day. Spotted this shop specialise in raw fishes don (my fav!).

Sweet shrimp (甘えび), maguro (tuna) & salmon with nori (seaweed) underneath it. Cost 780 yen. A little pricey but that's one of the cheapest combination there....

One of my main mission coming to Akihabara is to check out the electronic dictionaries, which is really useful for my studies. Planned to get one but at the end didn't bought anything as I need some time to consider and do some research in it, which model suits me the best for the price.
Electronic dictionaries aren't cheap here, which can easily fetch up to 30k yen or so (more expensive than my camera!).
Would get either Sharp's Brain series or Casio's Ex-Word series.

Besides, my ears had some great time by testing out some top-line earphone/headphone models around. Doing some ear impressions with some of the highest-end models which I'm unlikely to own in near future, kinda cool but if you wanna do serious listening experience, you'll need a quite environment to do so.
Anyway, testing the earphones out, especially noise-canceling ones, at this kind of situation would be great to test out the noise-isolation, whether it lives up the expectations or not.

Before heading back I tried to ask to signup an iPhone 3GS. Yeah... with all the hype going on I'm actually tempted to get one. Asked for the terms and seems to be reasonable. Went ahead to apply it but for some technical reasons my data cannot be located on their database. O_o
Later I only realised I gave them my name in katakana while I apply my current mobile using my alphabet name. Such troublesome....

Anyway, I would reconsider my plan of getting an iPhone. Although I dislike my current phone but I still can live with it. I guess iPhone can come later into my life when I'm more settled down eh.

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