10 August 2009

KL Update #3

Alright the last blog post of KL life~ Kinda miss KL now since writing this from Tokyo, heh.

Hmm..... let's see what I've been up to on Friday. Oh yea, spent most of the day staying at home sorting out stuffs to be brought over here. The other day bought some of the supplies so it's ready to be loaded into the luggage.

This is my temporary "workstation" back there. Cozy sofa, music player and wireless Internet~

Friday night, had dinner with family at a new place, Rampai Business Park. The dishes served at the KK Restaurant tasted average, according to parents. Anyhow I enjoyed eating it, the chicken was nice especially served after chilled! (We took the leftover back and put it into fridge to make it as a cold platter.)

Later that night I went out again, to the same place RBP but this time at Island Red Cafe to chill out with MYSH. Lots of things we talked and shared.

Cold & Hot honey lemon.

Nokia XpressMusic & Sonny Eriksson Walkman.

Saturday was another rather peaceful day. Finalising stuffs and then meet with SL and SH again briefly at Feeling's Cafe. Another round of fun conversations~
This time was too carried away with the talking until we've forgotten to take pic lol.

Sunday was a busy day. Last day I spent in KL.

Morning headed to Kinrara, Puchong to have a look at our new house. It wasn't that far, somewhat near The Mines (Sri Kembangan) and Bukit Jalil.

Future house eh.


Wide road~

Oppsite are 2-stories house units. 2.5 stories unit.

Checking out the nearby Kinrara Golf Club. Too bad there aren't many facilities available, just the golf course, tennis court and a play pool.

Briefly stop-by father's office to collect something.

Lunch was with relatives at a vegetarian restaurant not so far away from Kelana Jaya LRT station.
Cousin Xiao Yin was there in KL for a few days before heading to Cambodia, and then Phuket and back to KL lol.


Camwhore with Xiao Yin. Learn a few tricks days before lol.

Sunday's dinner was great! Delicious steamed chicken from Bentong! One of the best chicken rice dishes I ever tried so far! Sorry no pics because was busy eating, left only the bones lol.

Headed to the airport before 8pm, and reaches there within 50 mins. Kinda unusual as normally I would need about 55 mins, plus that night was quite packed with cars on the highway.

Checking-in the luggage for MAS' international flight was a breeze as you can do so at any MAS check-in counters. The lady over the counter was kind enough to check-in the luggage without weighing it as I'm a student, thanks! :D (Whether I'm overweight or not I had no idea lol).

Would prefer aisle seat than window seat.

My flight was delayed slightly about 30 mins, due to technical problem. Was kinda anxious looking at the MAS' staffs walking in and out from the plane. Heard that typhoon and earthquake struck Japan so was kinda worried.

Anyway, took the time to camwhore while putting on mask lol.

Supper was served not long after taking off. Some vege sandwich and burger.

I managed to slept quite well on the plane, but then again it's hard to get a good sleep in the plane due to the comfort and noise factor.
Nowadays I would request for eye-shade, and put on noise-canceling earphone to cut down the disturbance. Still, you can't really expect the most comfy seats from an economic class eh.

Breakfast was served 2 hours before reaching Narita airport. Now the breakfast is really something!
Introducing, MAS' flagship nasi lemak breakfast!
MAS' flight breakfast on MH 88

Hah, don't let the poor presentation fooled you!
It was a no-brainer question when the stewardess asked what I would like to have for breakfast. Have heard of this highly-acclaimed nasi lemak of MAS and finally can try it out myself.
The sambal and chicken rendang was good, spicy enough for Malaysian's standard. Perhaps it's a little too spicy for the Japanese' tastebud, heh.
Sambal pwns カレー (Japanese curry) lol.

(from here onwards were things happened back in Japan~)

MH 88 touched down at Narita airport terminal 2 at 8:20am Japan's local time. It was a breeze going through the immigration since I'm using a re-entry permit. Picking up the luggage was swift enough, no need to wait for too long.

Took the limited express train back instead of the Skyliner as the latter had been fully occupied 'til 10:40am's train. Ticket cost 1,000 yen.

The train took about 1 hour and 40 mins to reach from the airport to my destination. Was delayed a little bit due to the heavy rain, said to be attributed by the typhoon which hits Taiwan and China these past few days.

Handling 5 baggages was a real challenge for me. It ain't easy but I've managed to drag everything back to my hostel safely hah. Reached the hostel slightly before noon. :)

Coming back here with a heavy heart, I was feeling down when thought of things happening in my mind while taking the train. I don't feel good mentally but am glad that now I'm fine. Rest for today and then everything's back to normal again starting with tomorrow~

Have to study and revise for the next week's exam. Actually am kinda looking forward to be going back to school lol.

A short stay back in KL, but I've gained a lot of things. Documents are settled, stuffs are prepared, and people that I've met.
Who says this trip back is costly eh? For me, if I can do so many things in such a short duration of time, it's worth it!
To make the deal sweeter, the flight ticket was booked during MAS' 50% off promotion so consider it's a steal hahah! :D


  1. Oh~ Nasi Lemak, Rendang, Sambal~
    懐かしい~> <
    PS:東京前幾天的確是有地震, 4級左右~ 嚇到一下~^^||

  2. ハハハ~マレーシアの食べ物はやっぱりおいしい!

  3. 懐かしい=なつかしい^^

  4. あぁそうか、ありがとう~