12 August 2009


銀河鉄道の夜 The Celestial Railroad by Kagaya Studio

I guess some of you might be familiar with this style of graphic isn't it? Absolutely fantastic CG design of the stars, made by the famous Japanese artist Kagaya.

Last night I was randomly surfing YouTube and bump into this Kagaya CG movie called "The Celestial Railroad" (銀河鉄道の夜) .

The trailer of the movie you can view below here.
This is a HD video so if your computer can support it, do try it out!

Besides the amazing graphical representation, I love the music as well.
The theme song "One Night", sang by Inoue Hiroko. The song complements the animation really well!

Since I'm still having holiday, tomorrow might be going to Sunshine City, Ikebukuro to catch this short movie. Cost 900 yen per entry.
Besides, I'd like to get the soundtrack of this movie as well, which cost 2,100 yen.

You may listen to sample tracks from this link.

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