16 July 2009

Short Trip

Am going to a short field trip out of Tokyo, yay~! :D
It can be exhaustive to spend all the time inside the city, so it's good to go explore the natural side of Japan eh, something they're proud of. I love nature! :D

Tomorrow early in the morning gonna be heading to the school, must reach before 8am. Packed most of my stuffs already, but was thinking how would I be carrying the traveling back on the bike eh.... (-__-")

Will be writing a post on the trip when I get back. So far the plan is that I'll be coming back to Tokyo by Saturday evening. Exactly what time I had no idea yet, but might be close to dinner's time. Anyway I just hope can get back faster to enjoy my weekend eh.

Good thing next Monday is a public holiday (海の日) so still can have a day to relax~ Next Wed and Thurs is the final exam before the summer holiday starts, gonna work hard for it huh.
Currently are progressing fine but I cannot take it for granted, ganbatte!

'til then, more updates on this weekend, likely on Sunday, or perhaps on Saturday if I had the energy to process and blog the things out. :)

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